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With 83p of every £1 spent with local businesses going back into the local economy, it makes good economic sense and good business sense to keep trade local. For more info click here  Shop Local

Our range of gardening supplies range from seeds, compost, growbags
Equpiment such as garden hoses, garden spades, fork and rakes etc 
Items include - Gardening Tools - Gaeden Sprayers - Weedkillers - Lawncare treatment - Seeds - Flowers - Root - Tomato plant food - 
Bark Chippings
    Growbags and Feed
  Multi Purpose



All Seeds 89p per pack !!!

Garden Tools

  Hoses and Fittings

Seasonal Plants and Flowers


Pest Control

Slug Killer - Wasp and Fly  Killer Spray

Rat and Mouse Killer and much more